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The Man SAR

A specialty sensitivity training for sexuality professionals, therapists, and counsellors who work with men

September 23rd - 24th, 2023

October 21st - 22nd, 2023

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Being a man is complex, layered, and deep.

Are you ready to serve men as men?

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You need offer nuanced support and understanding for men's experience as men in 2023

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You need to be aware of the specific communities that target men and the social forces behind them

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You need to be ready to hold space for men to navigate their reinvention through conscious choice

What are your values, attitudes, and beliefs?

To best serve your clients, you need to know your biases. The Man SAR is designed to elicit your deeply held beliefs related to men and masculinity, so that you can know where you stand and who you can (and can't) serve.

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How The Man SAR Works

The Man SAR takes place live over 2 days on Zoom. Participants can join from anywhere in the world.

Media & Guest Speakers

The Man SAR uses a mix of media and guest speakers to expose participants to a wide variety of influences at work in the lives of men.

Small Group Process

Process your experience in real time in small groups led by trained, experienced facilitators who are themselves clinicians.

Multimodal Learning

Interact with your colleagues through a variety of activities that allow you to tap into different learning styles and types of emotional processing

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Gain a Competitive Edge

Set yourself apart in your private practice by developing deep, specialist knowledge in men's work. The Man SAR goes deep in the following areas:

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Online communities for men

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Men, Sexuality, & Sexual Pleasure

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Social forces that affect men

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Why Train With Us

Take the best from the Sexual Attitude Reassessment & Restructuring (SAR) experience to energize and expand your capacity as a clinician working with men.

Sexuality Pros

  • Experience men's sexuality grounded in authenticity and pleasure.
  • Help your clients navigate social and dating skills development with greater nuance.
  • Quickly recognize and understand subculture lingo related to men and sexuality.
  • Define your limits of practice in line with your values

Counsellors & Therapists

  • Understand the potent intersection of sexuality and gender identity for men.
  • Gain rich context for understanding the communities your men clients are in.
  • Enhance your training in human sexuality to complement your practice.
  • Increase your effectiveness working with parents or families by understanding how teenagers and young men are learning about masculinity today.

The Man SAR Leaders

Cameron Fraser, GradDipSxlgy

Sex Coach & Clinical Sexologist

Cam's work integrates scientifically validated information about sexual health with sacred sexuality teachings. He helps men go beyond surface-level sex and into full-bodied, pleasure-oriented sexual experiences free of anxiety or shame.

Sarah Martin, MA

Sex Coach & Sociologist

Sarah Martin runs a sexual wellness business that helps people going through life transitions explore who they are as sexual beings. In her one on one work, she helps men live sex-foward, pleasure-focused, desire-led lives.

Feedback from SAR Participants

Charles Dubois

Men's Sex Coach

This is a powerful experience, it’s more than just about learning, it’s about confronting our own biases so that we can consciously prevent them from negatively impacting our work.

Mat Wakeham

Movement Therapist

The course expanded my perspective on the pressures men face. I gained valuable insight into the complex interplay between societal influences, personal beliefs, and sexual attitudes.

Tickets & Pricing

The Man SAR has a max capacity of 28 participants. There are 3 ticket types:

Regular Admission

US $500

Most participants will book a regular admission ticket. As a rule of thumb, book this ticket if you will claim The Man SAR as a business expense.

Student Admission

US $425

For current full-time or part-time students. You will be asked to provide the name of your institution at check out.

Bursary Admission

US $200

A limited number of bursary places are available based on the available community fund. There are always at least 2 places. Email

Upcoming Man SARs

The Man SAR takes place fully online, so you can join from anywhere! That said, the Man SAR is a live event, so each edition is optimized for different time zones. Check out the details of our upcoming SARs below and book the one that best suits you.

September: Australian & SE Asian Time Zones

  • Fully virtual event
  • Day 1: Sept 23rd from 9am - 5pm AEST (Brisbane)
  • Evening Event: Sept 23rd from 6pm - 7pm AEST (Brisbane)
  • Day 2: Sept 24th from 9am - 5pm AEST (Brisbane)
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October: US & Europe Time Zones

  • Fully virtual event
  • Day 1: Oct 21st from 9am - 5pm US EDT (New York)
  • Evening Event: October 21st from 6pm - 7pm EDT (New York)
  • Day 2: Oct 22nd from 9am - 5pm EDT (New York)
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Got Questions?


☎️+1 (518) 740-0921

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